CNC Machining

Olitek are an industry leader in Precision CNC Machining, with a strong fleet of state-of –the-art HAAS Machinery that ensures we maintain a competitive edge, particularly when coupled with our selection of CAM Software and Direct Link Data Transfer & Scheduling software which maximises the efficiency of production. With Olitek, you can be assured of cost effective, flawless and reliable production that will meet your CNC requirements on time.

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CNC Machining

We are passionate about assisting our customers to tackle challenging CNC projects, from a custom made ‘one of a kind’ part, to full scale mass production. We can even work with you to design and develop a fully functional machine. It’s all in the details for us, from the outset, quoting, designing, manufacturing, labelling and securely packaging, we do it all to ensure you receive your product on time and in pristine condition.

Olitek has a range of the Haas VF-3, VF-4 & VF-5 current model vertical machining centers in both Super Speed, High Torque and high power models. The Haas VF Series Vertical Machine centres (VMC’s) are a rugged, medium-sized VMC that yields full reliability and accuracy in a moderately sized machine. Olitek's VF fleet are equipped with both high torque models and high speed models with up to 30hp with maximum speeds of 12000rpm for high productivity & top quality surface finishes, 450ft-lb for large drilling & tapping, Super speed rapid movements and tool changes for minimum cycle time, advanced tool management and a long list of standard features and high-productivity options. The Haas VF is one of the best value machines available today allowing Olitek to machine high quality and value for money components.

Olitek’s HAAS Fleet of Turning Centres & lathes are designed to meet the needs of our modern machine shop. The HAAS SL, ST and TL Series offer the full range application solutions for turning and mill turn demands. From 1 off prototypes to large production batches, large diameter components requiring high torque to small components requiring high speed and high precision, these machines have been selected to offer all services. Coupled with automatic bar feed capacity of up to 3.0" (76 mm). The mill turn option allows both face and radial milling to produce turn / mill parts in 1 single setup with an option to barfeed for batch quantities and lights out manufacture for the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing.

Our CAM software works off 3D or 2D CAD geometry. In 3D however, it can simulate the tool paths live, help choose the best machining strategy for the job, compare the "as machined" to the original geometry, check for collisions and much more. This means if you supply Olitek 3D CAD files we would work directly off your supplied data, we use 2D drawings primarily for Quality Assurance and checking; we prefer to work this way with clients. If you need to know what formats to supply then contact us here and we would be more than happy to assist.