Olitek's core purpose is to Engineer Key Pieces that Fit Perfectly. We specialise in engineering, certification, design & manufacture, including concept & detail design, finite element analysis, rapid prototyping, in-house CNC machining, fabrication & welding, Casting, Induction Hardening, Poly Urethane Moulding and Hydraulic, Electrical and Controls Systems. Proudly Australian owned we are an engineering company that can uniquely provide the complete solution in-house for design and manufacturing processes to clients throughout Australasia.

We provide full project management to oversee every step of the design or manufacturing process ensuring the very best possible outcome for your business.

Olitek ensure to utilise the latest technology in equipment, software and training to ensure all aspects of our jobs and projects including quoting, supply chain, scheduling, programming, manufacture and delivery are optimised to reduce non value add time and enable an exceptionally fast and reliable delivery time.

Founded in Mackay Qld, in 1994 by the present directors, Olitek are a family run company with strong core values and a strong reputation as being reliable, capable and quality is assured.

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Why Us?

Olitek's unique ability to offer clients an end to end service.